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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Ask about our

Special $60 Adoption Fee

for most mixed-breed Puppies 


Only $50

for most mixed-breed Adult dogs 

Puppies and kittens come and go so quickly we are not able to keep their web site postings current.  Many litters come in every week. 

Please call or send an e-mail if you are not able to drop by the Adoption Center often.  We maintain a waitin...


Lucky LouieMaleAdultMedium

Lucky Louie came to PETS, Inc. with stitches all around his neck.  No one knew how he was injured but we all suspected he had been attacked by another dog.  Oddly, Lucky Louie seems to do well with other dogs but he is a bit hesitant with humans.   He doesn't snuggle but he obviously wants to be close and enjoys being petted.  We think Louie just needs a little extra assurance.  

Lucky Luie appears to be housetrained and is well-behaved with young chil...


Oliva TwistFemaleAdultMediumOlivia Twist was fun for a while, but then her family moved on to other interests.  She is just over a year old and still very excited about playing with everyone.  She has matured enough to be a great housedog.  So far we,ve seen no rowdiness except during playtime and she appears to be well houstrained.  Since arriving at our Adoption Center she has been facinated with toys and always eager to play with other dogs.  ...

AuggieMaleAdultAuggie looks a little rough around the edges but that's just because he has had life of neglect.  He has been with us for several weeks now and is looking much better ... and feeling much better too.  We believe Auggie is about three years old.  He is pretty much housetrained now but the very best thing about Auggie is his sweet, gentle nature both with children and other dogs.  Neglected dogs often have a greater sense of appreciation than most people would expect and th...

Closing Time BrothersMalePuppy

The ClosingTime Brothers are only six weeks old.  The were found in a vacant lot with little hope for survival but as we've seem over and over, puppies have an amazing abilty to respond to good nutrition.

The Closing Time Brothers are 6 weeks old.  Perfect for cuddling.


OppaFemaleAdultMediumOppa is just a little over a year old.  She arrived at PETS, Inc. filthy and starving ... and the evidence that she had likely never enjoyed a kind word was obvious.  Even so, Oppa had a confidence in humans and an appreciation for every opportunity to be with us.  Our staff worked their dietary magic again and transformed her into a hearty, healthy shining example of what good nutrition can do for both body and spirit.  Oppa is now a happy friend to everyone ... except cats....

JaxMaleTeenagerMediumJax is a 7 month old Lab/Bully mix with all the makings of a devoted family companion.  He started out very ill with a boatload of intestinal parasites that nearly did him in but being a hearty Lab/Bully mix he was able to fight his way back to good health and during the struggle, Jax learned the lessons of love and appreciation that have made him a nearly perfect family pet.  He is always gentle (especially with smaller dogs) and even cats.  Jax especially enjoys sleeping in a re...

LodiMaleAdultMediumLodi ... Info to follow


Aires is only 8 months old.  His family kept him safe and healthy, clean and happy.  As time passed this intelligent puppy outgrew his family's capacity to spend time with him.  When the boredom took over, Aires found ways to entertain himself.  Chewing on furniture kept him occupied.  When he was put outside, the loneliness surfaced again and Aires started climbing the fence.   Now he is stuck in a concrete kennel, confused and  lonely.  We do...


Reliable EliMaleAdultMedium

Reliable Eli is a rock solid human companion, affectionate and absolutely delighted to spend time with anyone who will give him a chance.  Being a 2 yr old muscle-bound Bully breed, Eli doesn't get many chances.  He was taken from his home when his owner was arrested.   Judging from his personality and his condition, we suspect he was treated with affection but maintained outdoors and neglected with inadequate diet and lack of interaction with other dogs.  Eli has done...


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