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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Happy BootsMaleAdultMedium

Happy Boots has been adopted!

We we are guessing that Happy Boots is about 3 years old. He was found in such dreadful condition that we couldn't even tell that he was a boy.  And his matts and long toe nails had nearly crippled him.  His coat was like a 3" thick shell of debris and filth.  We have cleared up his skin and eye infections so he is now ready for a new family.   Happy Boots is not a playful dog but he is very definitel...


Lob LollieFemalePuppyMedium

Lob Lollie has been adopted!

Lob Lollie is a 3 - 4 month old Springer Spaniel mix.  She is unusually well-behaved for her age and would be an exceptionally good companion for young children. 



Beanbag has been adopted!

Beanbag is a 14 week old Hound mix.  She was rescued by a man who lost his job and is no longer able to provide for her.   It was very sad to see him give her up but he knew she would need vet care in the coming months and most importantly, he knew she needed a stable permanent home.   But he got her off to a great start.  This puppy is super cuddly and surprisingly gentle.  And she is nearly housetraine...


Fair LadiesFemalePuppy

Both Fair Ladies have been adopted!

Our Fair Ladies are 12 week old sisters.  They are mostly Chow/Husky mix and may be the most cheerful pups at our Adoption Center. 


Nanny AnnieFemaleAdult

Nanny Annie has been adopted!

Nanny Annie is a six year old Pug/Beagle mix.  She is housetrained and has been a devoted companion to an elderly woman for years but her owner's advanced age and declining health has made it impossible for Annie to stay with her.  We've named her "Nanny Annie" because she is so very good with toddlers and just playful enough to be fun for older children.  In fact, Nanny Annie is wild about all people ....


Super DooperMaleAdultSmall

Super Dooper has been adopted!

Super Dooper is a 4 year old housetrained Dachshund.  He is a low-energy  lap dog and is always happy to snuggle or follow along.  He doesn't actually play with them, but he has been comfortable with even very big dogs at our Adoption Center.  Super Dooper would not make a good companion for young children because they make him nervous.  He needs a predictable, quiet life with matue people.  &nb...


Flubber PuppiesPuppy

The Flubber Puppies are 12 weeks old,

More info to follow


Wonka & CadburyMaleAdultSmall


Wonka & Cadbury are 1 year old Bassett Hound mix brothers.  They came from a home with twelve dogs where they experienced very little interaction with humans.   They are intimidated by everything and everyone so we moved them into our customer service office where they would have 16 hours of exposure a day to an endless parade of staff, volunteers and visitors.  They hid under the work counter for two days and watched in amazement as we...



WhiteOut has been adopted!

WhiteOut is a super fluffy Lab/Husky mix.  She is only about a year old but is unusually withdrawn.  She isn't unfriendly, just hesitant to ask for attention.  She finds a quiet place and watches the other dogs and people as if she were in a different world.  We have been told that she is most comfortable around children.  

We will have more info about this beautiful dog shortly.



Mudflap has been adopted!

Mudflap is almost a Black Lab.   He's about 10 weeks old and was a Valentines surprise for a teenage girl.  But when the romance went south, her family insisted that Mudflap go too.  Actually they were being practical because they  knew their other dog was not likely going to accept the competition when this puppy got bigger.  So while he is still young and playful and really really cute, they wanted him to have...


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