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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Firefly is a 1 year old Shepherd/Hound mix.  She was brought to us with at least two gunshot wounds.  We have given her pain medicines and she is resting for the night.  Tomorrow she will be x-rayed and scheduled for immediate surgery.   We have no idea why anyone would shoot a gentle dog like Firefly.  She appears to have been put out.  We suspect she wandered across the wrong yard.

Even in great pain, this dog allowed an autistic toddler to tug at h...



Snowball has been adopted!

Snowball is an 11 year old white Poodle.  She looks like a pink Poodle but that is only because her skin is so inflamed from the filth and trapped moisture in matted fur.  Especially with it being so cold, we wanted to save at least some of her hair but the groomer had to shave her nearly bald to remove the mats. Her ears were dreadful with infection and her nails were so long she could barely walk.  So even though she is conside...


PiperFemaleAdultMediumPiper is an amazingly devoted and well-behaved 3 year old Bully mix.  She was found on the street ... not doing too well on her own.  During our cold-weather emergency Piper was sent to a foster home so she could stay warm.  Her foster family has reported back that she tries so hard to please that she even sits at the door when she comes in from the yard and waits for her feet to be wiped clean.   She loves her time in the yard, romping and playing with toys and chasing ...



Eartha's pups are now weaned and available for adoption so Eartha has a been asked to take on seven one week old orphans.  She took them in immediately.  What a great dog!

Eartha is a big sweet Coon Hound.  She is probably 5 - 8 years old and is now looking for a peaceful life where she can spend cold nights indoors.  Eartha is a sturdy, practical kind of dog.  She doesn't expect much and is willing to go along with wha...



Thor has been adopted!

Thor is a 1 year old American Bulldog.  His first family thought he could just hang out and be happy in a crate but as he grew up, they realized he needed a lot more than that ... so they gave him to a friend who helped him with housetraining and chewing but still, he needed a yard where he could work off some of that pent up energy.  Being such a beautiful boy, he was adopted almost as quickly as he came in and all has gone well i...


Prince CopperMaleAdultMediumPrince Copper and his brother, Prince Joey, have been loving and loyal family dogs for 4 years.  Their busy family couldn't find enough time to keep these boys occupied and they eventually discovered ways to escape their fence to visit with the neighbors.  That didn't go over well and after repeated threats from Animal Control, they agreed to give the dogs up.  They are with us now and are behaving very well.  We have rotated them with other dogs and they are just fin...


Presley is almost a year old but she is still very much a teenager at heart.  Her family had good intentions when the got her as a puppy but they were busy and she got bigger and more active so they put her in the backyard.  Being busy people, they didn't spend time outside with her so there she was ... alone and bored.  She learned she could escape her isolation by digging out.  Now she is pretty much grown and has had no training or help with even basic social skills...


Prince JoeyMaleAdultMediumPrince Joey & his brother, Prince Copper, grew up with 10 children.  They had a great life, but even so, they would jump the fence when everyone was at school and finally, the family bowed to the pressure from Animal Control and decided the ywould have to find new homes.  Joey is now 4 years old.  He still loves to be outdoors a lot and he still loves children.  He plays nicely with other mid-size to large dogs, but for some reason Joey isn't crazy about small dogs.&n...


Fullmoon is a very powerful, playful young dog with too much puppy energy to live in an apartment.  She needs a yard and other dogs or a couple of rowdy children to entertain.  She is old enough now to understand when it's time to be calm and quiet and she is happy to sit on the sofa and keep someone's lap warm while they watch TV or nap after a big meal.  She is housetrained and past the chewing stage so she won't be a bother ... just a companion. 




Ruben is a 1 year old Chocolate Lab/Bully mix who was rescued from the streets.  He has been living with his foster family for two months now and has learned how to be a great indoor dog.  He is housetrained ... loves other dogs, and plays with toys like a puppy.  He may be a bit too rowdy still for young children.

Ruben has completed all of his healthcare needs ... including the important neuter surgery.  


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