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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Flower & PowerAdultSmall

Flower & Power have been adopted!

Flower (the smaller dog) and her brother Power (on the left) are hoping to be adopted together.  They were frightened strays when they arrived a few days ago and are still only happy when they are together.  We don't know much about them except that they are cute as a button and need a special home with gentle people.  They seem to be far more comfortable with children than adults. 

 More in...


SydneyFemaleAdultMediumSydney is 11 years old.  She has been a dedicated companion since her puppy days but her owner has taken a traveling job, leaving no one to take care of her.   Sydney is now a "kennel dog."   She misses her human and her comfy home and is clearly confused and heartsick.  Our volunteers and staff do their best to get her out for walks as often as possible, but it's not the same.  She needs to be close to someone again.  ...


Weasley was microchipped when he was found but when we contacted his owners they said they would be right over.  But they didn't come.  Then they stopped answering the phone.  Weasley is a good dog, about 2 years old.  He has been staying in a foster home.  This is how they describe him. 

"He is a playful, cuddly, dog who enjoys being pampered.  He is definitely still a puppy and has bounds of energy but when playtime is over all he wants...



Foster has been adopted!

Foster is a 10 - 12 month old Bully mix with no place to go.  He was just hanging around looking really lonely.  Foster has spent the past few weeks in a foster home where he has shown his good nature and his good behavior.  He is now housetrained and trustworthy when left alone in the house ... assuming no shoes are left unattended.  Foster is a playful, affectionate dog and always enjoys time with other dogs at the do...



Jackpot has been adopted!

Jackpot is a delightful short-legged Borgi ... (okay, we just made that up because he is mostly Border Collie/Corgi mix).  At 7 months old, Jackpot is pretty much grown.  He just hasn't quite matured.  He is playful but not rowdy, affectionate but not pushy and just small enough to fit in with almost any lifestyle. 



Bambino & Petey WolfSmall

Bambino & Petey Wolf have been adopted ... together!

Our sincerest thanks to the volunteer and her daughter who made their video (still showing on our home page).  It was the video that did the trick!

Bambino & Petey Wolf are 13 month old brother & sister dogs.  Their owner has a history of declining health and as the months went by these poor dogs have spent way too much time locked in crates.  They are very hap...


Bashful BentleyMaleAdultMediumBashful Bently has been the perfect houseguest for his foster family.  They say he gets along wonderfully with their other dogs and their cats.  He has only been with them a short time but he has proven to be so well-behaved that he now has total run of the house, even when they aren't home.  The did notice that he seems to be afraid of the dark, so they always leave a light on for him at night.  As long as the light is on, Bentley sleeps quietly through the night, but wh...

Tag-Along PupsPuppyThe Tag-Along pups were facing an unlikely future at the pound until they caught a ride to PETS, Inc. with Yo-Plait Lite, a starving little Lab mix.  We have eight of these 7 week old Lab/Bully/Shepherd/Pointer mix puppies.  They are major snugglers and are exceptionally happy to be held.  ...

Spot OnMaleAdultSmallSpot On is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix who was put out by his owner.   The woman who took him in was to ill to care for him so he came to us to find a home.  All we know is that he is housetrained and great with children, but even though he had apparently been living with another dog, he doesn't seem to want to have any dogs around him at our Adoption Center.  ...

Early BloomersPuppyIf the Early Bloomers aren't Black Labs, they are dog-gone close.  These lucky puppies have grown up in a loving foster home where they learned to trust people and behave well ... uh, as well as 9 week old puppies can behave.  ...

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