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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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It took some doing but ...

Lolly has been adopted!

Lolly is a 3 year old English Bulldog.  She has enjoyed a good life but as she's gotten older, she has become too rough with the other Bulldog in the family so she has to find a new home.  Lolly is the picture of health and loves everyone ... really, everyone!  But she is probably too rowdy for young children.  Lolly is a lot of dog! 

She is available by appointment o...



Toby has been adopted!

Toby is a very special 10 pound Italian Greyhound.  Her elderly owner has been moved to a nursing home.   This was especially traumatic for Toby because she has always been the house princess.  She is not a typical dog.  Toby wants to be clean, well-dressed and smell fresh.  She spent her days being dressed in finery (she came to us wearing her rhinestone collar and a designer sweater) sitting on a plushy pillow...



Amelie has been adopted!

Amelie was brought to us to prevent her from being used as a bait dog.  She was only 4 months old but already so affected by the treatment she had received that she was reluctant to approach visitors at our Adoption Center.  This so hampered her chances of being adopted that she has grown up without a family.  She has learned from our staff and volunteers that humans can be fun and loving.  The problem is that she is no...



Viva has been adopted!

Viva is a 7 week old Lab/Bully mix that rode in with another litter of puppies.  No one really knows where she came from, but she doesn't seem to have been distressed by her adventure.  She is a happy, bouncy adventurous little puppy anxious to learn all about this big world.



Shortcake has been adopted!

Shortcake is a 7 week old Cocker/Dachshund mix pupy.  She is the last of her litter. 


Indiana JonesMale

Indianna Jones is a "tennis hound" and "chow hound."   This dog will follow anyone anywhere if he thinks they have either a ball or a snack.   He is a big happy goofy lug most of the time.   He plays well with other dogs, but should never be allowed around a cat.  We suspect that Jonesy was underfed at some point in his life because he always seems worried and over anxious at feeding time.  This may pass once he gets used to a life where food is re...


Walla WallaFemale

Walla Walla has been adopted!

Walla Walla is much prettier ... and much smaller than she appears in this photo.  She is probably a Cocker/Spitz mix ... about 15 pounds, housetrained and really soft.  


EvictMaleTeenagerMediumEvict was left behind, locked in his crate with a bag of food when his family skipped out on the rent.  He is about 9 months old and appears to be housetrained.  He doesn't seem to have been damaged by the experience.  When he was rescued he marched into another apartment, said hello to the cat (who was truly unimpressed) and made himself at home.  When Evict arrived at our place he was equally happy to meet the puppies in the intake room and was careful not to be to rowd...


Trixie has been adopted!

Trixie is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  She has always been a house dog but recently her family realized they didn't have enough time for her so she was brought to us.  Trixie has been started on a more reasonable diet to help her lose weight and she is enjoying several walks each day to help her get her energy flowing again.  She is perfectly housetrained and gets along well with everyone, young or old.  Trix...



Teera has a little help from a friend ...

an anonymous sponsor.  Her adoption fee is reduced to $39 which includes all sheduled vet care for the first year (vaccines, dewormings, blood tests and spay), a micro-chip, lifetime pet identification registration and 30 days of health & accident insurance.  

Teera is a 3 year old Hound/Something mix with a long string of bad luck.  She is a lovely dog with people but  is insecure with other a...


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