Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Adopting a Pet

Thursday - Sunday.... . Noon - 8pm
Closed Monday - Wednesday
Drop By
You will find nearly 200 resident dogs and cats ready and waiting for the right family.   
Borrow a Dog or Cat
If you aren't quite ready to make the commitment, you may want to "borrow" a dog or cat for an afternoon or a few days.  This is a great way to introduce the idea of pet ownership to your family and it gives our dogs and cats a chance to interact with people and to feel important.  Enjoying a little time away from the kennels or the cattery seems to uplift their spirits and makes them more likely to step forward and present themselves to our visitors. 
College students and apartment dwellers who can't have a pet can sign out a spayed or neutered dog for the day.  They love to go to the park or the lake or just hang out in the yard with fun people.
Call or E-mail an Adoption Counselor
Let us know what type of pet you have in mind and a little about your family's lifestyle. If none of our resident animals can fill the bill, chances are good that one fo the 100 or so wailting for space to become available will be just right.   We'll make arrangements for you to meet them by appointment.
Sign Up for our Waiting List
If we still don't have what you want, you may want to sign up on our waiting list.  You will be notified when a suitable dog or cat becomes available.

You can help us sustain this important mission.

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