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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Foster a Pet

Foster families are hard to find ... so we are prepared to make a deal.
In exchange for housing and transporting fostered animals for a short while, we will offer assistance in setting up pens for puppies (and their moms if they are lucky enough to get a chance too) and loan cat cages for the kittens (and mommy cats).  

We will provide the needed veterinary care, food and supplies. The only thing we can't do is provide shelter from the elements until our new Adoption Center is completed..
Fostering sounds like a huge task, but actually it is quite simple and can be a greatly rewarding experience for the entire family.  All you need to foster felines is a garage, enclosed porch or even a covered patio.
They don't require much time.  We will work with you to arrange transportation if that is a problem.
The easiest animals to foster are nursing moms with their puppies or kittens.  The moms do most of the work.  All you need to provide is food, fresh water and a clean area or litter box. 
Very young orphaned puppies and kittens can often be managed in an extra bath tub or kiddie pool.   Clean up is a snap and the lttle rascals can be kept out of harms way.
Dogs and  older puppies are a bit more of a challenge, but again, we are willing to help with the set-up so it won't be difficult or time consuming.  We will find a way to help with temporary fencing, portable pens, dog houses ... whatever is needed.  We just can't bear to think that hundreds of innocent animals will die because we ran out of time and no foster homes were available.
It is heartbreaking to know that we are so close to having a place for them, but that it won't be ready in time for the Spring  and Summer litters.
This is a particularly depressing situation for the PETS, Inc. adoption counselors who will have to look at their precious faces before turning them away.
You are probably aware that we are not very good at turning animals away.  The truth is, we placed over 2,200 dogs and cats last year and assisted hundreds more who were lost or needed veterinary care.   We helped so many that there was no time left to help ourselves.   Still, we are more likely to continue to spend our time putting up pens than hosting fundraising soirees. We'll admit that we are still seriously short of the funds needed to complete our Adoption Center, but we have enough to get the kennel building underway and are willing to do a great deal of the work ourselves. 
If you can't foster a pet, please consider donating to our building fund ...  Any help you can offer will make a difference. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!