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Free-Roaming Cats  FreeRoamingCats

If you live in West Columbia or know of anyone who does, please join us in voicing your opinions concerning the issue of free-roaming cats. West Columbia is considering revising their ordinances to allow a Trap/Neuter/Release program that will encourage people to get involved instead of fining them $1,000 for trapping, spaying and releasing cats.  This program has been extremely effective in reducing the numbers of free-roaming cats in other communities and we would certainly like to see it implemented in our fair city.  Please call or write to your coucilman immediately to express your opinion.

This is a major opportunity to help our cats ... and it may not come again for many years.  Please don't let this pass without lending your encouragement to our Council.


Letter to City Council


Joseph W. “Joe” Owens


District #1

L. Dale Harley


District #2

Eric L. Fowler, Senior Council Member

Can be reached via Mayor Joe Owens

District #3

Casey J. Hallman

District #4

Abbott L. "Abby" Bray, Jr.


District #5

Boyd J. Jones, Mayor Pro-Tem

Can be reached via Mayor Joe Owens


District #6

B. J. Unthank

Can be reached via Mayor Joe Owens


District #7

Tommy G. Parler


District #8

Teddy Wingard

Can be reached via Mayor Joe Owens