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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Angel's Fund

Injured PupThanks to everyone who sent money for Angel!

We had such a strong response from donors who want their assistance to go to the most needy animals that we are continuing this special fund with the hopes of helping other extraordinary dogs and cats with healthcare we would otherwise not be able to provide.

It is always heartbreaking  when animals arrive at our Adoption Center in need of special care that is out of reach for our budget.  We take a loss on even the healthiest and most adoptable animals so we are always operating on the ragged edge.  Our ability to commit to an injured or ill animals' rehabilitation depends entirely on the balance in our Angel's Fund.

If you are able to help, please send your donations to:

PETS, Inc.
Angel's Fund
P.O. Box 6394
West Columbia SC  29171


Tenderheart  was abandoned in our parking lot.  We only know that he is about 7 years old and in very bad condition.  He has an advanced case of mange, skin infections, intestinal parasites and His suffering from the ravages of malnutrition.  We are awaiting the results of his blood tests and vet exam now.   bin/webscr">Firefly
has been shot at least twice.  She needs x-rays to determine the extent of damage and surgery to remove the bullets.  Then she will need a gentle home with loving people where she can regain her confidence in humans.Like many others,  Tinker came to us with eye damage caused by a neglected upper respiratory infection. src="" alt="Tinker" align="left" title="Tinker" height="357" width="300" ">Our hearts broke when we saw how this tiny kitten was suffering.  We couldn't turn her away.  She is weak from starvation.  Her eyes hurt.  A severe upper respiratory infection like this can cause permanent damage when left untreated.  We are praying that it's not too late for Tinker. src="" alt="Cracklin Rosie Braced" align="left" title="Cracklin Rosie Braced" height="454" width="300" />
a Bully mix puppy, is fighting the ravages of malnutrition.  She came to us with an extreme case of Demodectic mange with cracking, bleeding sores head to toe.  She also had eye infections, ear infections and a serious case of rickets.  










is also a current recipient of Angel's Fund donations. 

India was brought to us with a broken leg.  X-rays indicate that her hind leg has a spiral fracture that will require surgery.  Of course the family (who is moving and don't want to take her) is not able to contribute to her surgery expenses so we must raise the funds ... FAST.  

India is a very nice little Miniature Pinscher mix, housetrained and well-behaved ... and she will be a delightful companion for someone if we can just get her through this ordeal..  







We know we can't save them all ... but we have to try