Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State


Be a companion if only for a few hours. It's hard to describe the impact you can have on a shelter dog or cat when you spend a little time playing, grooming or simply snuggling with them.

Many of the animals who come to us have never had an attentive family. And others have lost their comfortable loving homes due to death or illness in the family, transfers, deployment, allergies or a host of other misfortunes. The sadness and confusion they feel is greatly reduced when they receive a little reassurance that they are still appreciated.

Become a Foster Parent. This may be the most rewarding volunteer activity you will ever experience. There is a special satisfaction that comes with rehabilitating an injured or frightened animal or socializing an "unadoptable" dog or cat to make it ready for a permanent family. And don't worry about becoming attached. Most people are surprised to find how easy it is to see one of their little wards go off to a permanent home where it will have even more attention.  To discuss this invaluable contribution, contact our foster program coordinator at

Vounteer at the Adoptions Center

300 Orchard Drive, West Columbia, SC

Do what you do best!

  • Make phone calls
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Special Events & Educational Promotions
  • Customer Service
  • Office/Clerical Support
  • Exercise Animals
  • Bath and Groom Dogs or Cats
  • Transport Animals
  • Photograph Adoptable Animals
  • Write Character Descriptions for web site

Professional help is always needed

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Photography
  • Carpentry
  • Research
  • Fund Raising
  • Grant Writing
  • Obedience Training
  • Grooming
  • Veterinary Technicians

Volunteer at Thrift Avenue, our 2nd-hand store!

1078 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, SC

Our Thrift Store  always need help with pricing and displaying donated merchandise, helping customers and picking up furniture.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to Get Started Today!

  • Please register or call before coming so we can make arrangements to make your time with us more beneficial.
  • Contact us at or call 803-739-9333 to speak with our volunteer coordinator.. 

Volunteers Hours:   9am until 9pm Every Day!

Together we can do it .... find all these special pets a home!