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Ruthie has been adopted!

Ruthie is a young Beagle/St. Bernard mix.  She is a mid-size dog with a thick coat and a droopy face.  We know that Ruthie grew up as an outdoor dog with little interaction with her family.   She is a gentle, low-energy dog when she is on a leash, but when she is allowed off-leash in our Doggie Park, she comes to life bouncing and frolicking like a puppy.  She will sprint after a tennis ball but she only makes it about half way back to us before she drops it and charges off in pursuit of another treasure.  We have noticed that she approaches car doors with great anticipation as if she wants to go for a ride.  Ruthie drools a little (the St. Bernard influence) and she grunts a little when she give kisses.  She loves to have her hair brushed ... even when it's tangled.   Our adoption counselors are wild about this dog.  They say she is special. 

They say that about a lot of dogs.