Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Bella Too



Bella Too has been adopted!

Bella Too was living on a 2 foot chain attached to a tree.  There was no food or water anywhere in sight and no indication that there had been any for some time when a person visiting a neighbor noticed the dog in distress.  Being more concerned about the dog than her personal safety, she knocked on the door to ask why the dog was being maintained in such poor conditions.  After a disappointing conversation peppered with obscenities she was offered the opportunity to remove the dog ... so she did.  Now Bella is resting comfortably on a soft blanket with a full tummy and has four other dogs and a few toys to keep her busy.   Her foster mom  is working on housetraining (coming along nicely) and teaching her how to play tug-of-war and other games.  Bella has responded beautifully. 

No emothional scars to be found.  Labs never seem to hold on to bad things.  They just enjoy the good stuff and look for more.