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by the SC Secretary of State




Junior has been adopted!


Update from Junior's foster mom:

Junior is very smart ... and very protective.  He has become a great watch dog.  When he's off-duty he will snuggle and watch TV with such appreciation its as if he had found his spot in Heaven.  He plays catch and loves to run and roll in the grass.  He does this to make me laugh.  And it is a pleasure to walk this good dog.  He is always well-mannered on a leash and he truly loves a long leisurely walk.

Junior is a 5 year old Red Chow mix that never really grew up.  He is playful and goofy and needs lots of affection.  He seems to love women but, like many rescued dogs, Junior has a sad history and is skittish around most men.  He is terrified of men wearing boots.  He gets along with most dogs but his enthuisiasm is sometimes a problem for the other dogs. He has never been around children.

Junior is housetrained.  He sleeps in his bed ... but he makes it clear that he would much rather be in the big bed with his people.  Junior's worst habit is barking when he is frightened or wants attention.  He will be quiet but only when he is calmly reassured that all is okay.  Junior's past has been his undoing.  He needs a special home where he can be an important part of the family.