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Trooper has been adopted!

Trooper and his "mom" have been devoted companions for a long time but he is getting too old now to climb the stairs to her condo and she has disabling back problems and is not able to carry him.  Trooper was an adult when he was rescued 10 years ago.  Even though he has lost most of his hearing, his vet says he is in remarkable condition for a dog his age.  Trooper gets along nicely with other dogs and he used to live with a cranky old cat that did not always treat him well.  She walked on him, licked him and sometimes swatted at him but trooper loved and protected her nonetheless.  Trooper knows basic commands like sit, stay and come but due to hearing loss, he responds now to hand signals. 

Trooper is looking for a retirement home. He is quiet, patient and spends most of his time sleeping.  He is a gentle dog that needs nothing more than affection, good food and a soft bed.  He is a perfect pet for a senior citizen who wants a trouble-free companion.