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by the SC Secretary of State




Tanner has been adopted! 

Tanner just couldn't get a break.  He was abandoned by his owner at an apartment complex.  Then he was picked up by the pound ... but because he was identified as having received his microchip from us we were able to retrieve him.  The poor dog was so traumatized by his ordeal that he was nervous and snappy and sure enough, he nipped a woman who reached out to help him.  She wasn't seriously injured but still he had to be isolated in a concrete kennel for a 10 day quarrantine.  Holy Cow!  This poor dog is always on the wrong end of the rope.  He's a high-strung Schnauzer mix that needs an experienced "Schauzer Person" to help him get his balance back.  Given a decent environment and a calm, predicatable lifestyle, we are confident Tanner will be just fine in a few months.  At this time he is still a bit too nervous and jumpy to be around children.