Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Pity Pat



Pity Pat was dropped off at our Adoption by a woman who slipped out without providing any information about how this precious dog came to be in this condition.  We don't know if she was the dog's irresponsible owner who was to embarassed to admit failing the dog or if she was a good Samaritan who removed this suffering creature from her misery.  What we do know is that Pity Pat shows all of the classic signs of a crated dog.  She has a curved spine, weak legs that stay in a bent positon, infected bleeding sores on her feet, legs and underbelly that are likely the result of urine burns from laying in her waste.  She is timid ... frightened of every bump and sound.   And she has a damaged nose and tail that are consistent with "crate nose" and "crate tail."   These are self inflicted injuries commonly seen with dogs that have become bored beyond tolerance in their crates.  The dogs injure themselves in a measured way to release endorphins.  As one vet explained to us ... "its better to feel pain than to feel nothing at all."  

Pity Pat is being exercised in short frequent walks to lessen the stiffness in her bones and joints.  She is on a super-premium diet now with supplements to beef up her digestive tract and rehydrate her organs.   And most importantly, she is being showered with attention by scores of volunteers, visitors and staff to help her develop a better attitude about herself.   

The frequent walks are accomplishing the housetraining her confinement in a cage couldn't do but she may never fully recover from the loss of muscle and bone development..  She will be ready for a new home in about a week.  Her rehabilitation will need to continue for several months.

Pity Pat is the current recipient of our Angel's Fund. 

Please click Angel's Fund is if you are able to help with her rehabilitation expenses