Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Kohl is a big Boxer mix with a heart of gold.  He asks for little and gives as much affection as our visitors will accept.  Our counselors call him our "gentleman"  because he is so calm and responsive ... and because he will always "sit like a gentleman" when asked. 

Kohl loves kids ... and well, all humans ... but especially kids.  He is not wild about all dogs but he has a very special girlfriend at PETS, Inc.   They met in our Administration Office when Kinara first arrived.  Kohl was smitten immediately by this plain-as-a-mud-fence short black dog.  It took him  a few days but he was able to charm her so they are now something of an item at PETS, Inc.  Because of their special relationship, we will do a special reduced rate for Kohl and Kinara if they are adopted together.

Both dogs are housetrained and spayed or neutered.