Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Abby Road



Abby Road has been adopted!

Abby Road came to us with a broken leg and a huge abcess on her side.  It had been untreated for so long that the much of the surrounding skin was nearly dead.   She was very sick from the infection but with proper veterinary care, she was able to recover quickly.  She still has a wide patch of exposed skin where the hair was shaved and this actually seems to embarrass her.  She doesn't like it when we notice her "spot."  She would rather people not make a fuss about it at all.  Abby is a sensitive (and possibly vain) little cat with a softness that has all of our people fawning over her.  She hides in her damaged side by curling up in a cubby and allowing us to only see her pretty face.

Abby is about a year old.  Her leg isn't quite perfect, but she gets around just fine.  Abby loves all visitors and would likely do well with even very young children.