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Maggie has been adopted!

Maggie is a petite Yellow Lab (50 pounds) ... just the kind of dog that would most often be great for a big family ... but Maggie is afraid of children.  So much so that she snaps and growls when little ones approach.  Maggie was crated as a puppy and we know that crating can cause these kinds of issues but she  has been out of the crate for some time now and still has not learned to trust children.  Maggie is great with teenagers and adults and in fact, seems to be perfectly well adjusted in every other way.. 

Maggie is housetrained, spayed, microchipped and up to date on all vaccines.  She is hearty, playful, cuddly and responsive.  She knows several tricks and is a fabulous traveling companion.  It's just that problem with children that has kept her from finding a permanent home.