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Kibble has been adopted!

Kibble was found dodging traffic while trying to grab dog food that had been strewn across two lanes of I-20.  He had been dropped in the medium and his food had been thrown into the traffic lanes.   In 20 years we've never heard of anyone doing such a thing.  Kibble was in pretty bad shape, starving and covered with fleas & ticks.  His ears were bleeding from fly bites and he had a large wound on his neck.  He knew his luck was changing when the lady stopped.  When she opened the door, Kibble jumped right in.  Smart dog.

After a few weeks of nurturing, Kibble is looking great.  He is about 2 years old, great with children and other dogs and even plays nicely with the family's cats.  Kibble plays soccer with his foster family and enjoys frequent car rides and long walks.  He loves to fetch tennis balls ... but doesn't like to give them back.  The odd thing about Kibble is that he is afraid to come indoors.  He prefers to hang out on the porch and has never made a mess on the screened porch or torn up anything.  He doens't jump on people or climb fences or anything naughty.  And he rarely barks.  They've taught hm to play hide & seek with sutffed animals and flip flops and are sending him to doggie classes to learn simple commands. 

This foster family is determined to undo the damage of two years of neglect.