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Gunner has been adopted!

Gunner is loyal and adventurous teenage Lab mix with a gentle disposition. His foster family reports that Gunner loves all  people much and after a short time will be best friends with pretty much anyone. He is very sweet and easygoing. Gunner has some puppy energy, so he enjoys to run, play, and swim but when playtime is over he is happy to lie quietly and sleep or gnaw on a chew toy when the humans are busy.  His favorite toy is a stuffed duck.   If given the chance Gunner is quick to cuddle on the couch or on the bed. He is a curious boy and tries hard to please.    This smart dog understand “sit” and will wait for his food. Gunner is hit or miss with playing “fetch” but loves “tug-of-war.” 
Gunner is mostly house trained, but will need to learn how to tell people he has go potty. He likes being both indoors and out, and knows just how to behave when going for car rides. He generally walks well on a short leash, but will want to check every bush and, again being a teenager, can be a little clumsy. Gunner would do well in most home environments and has proven to adjust well to other dogs and children. Like most pups he would be more likely to get into mischief if left alone too much and really loves ATTENTION.
Overall Gunner is a happy-go-lucky boy that is absolutely brimming with love.