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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Shadow Cat



Shadow Cat has been adopted!

Shadow is a 2 year old declawed Persian Cat.  He has an unusually relaxed demeanor and seems to be happy with whatever is going on around him.  We often worry about the stress most declawed cats experience when they are exposed to the noise and commotion and the tremendous number of cats and dogs coming and going, but Shadow hasn't had a bit of trouble.  He is always ready to come out of his cage to walk around even when we have dogs in the area.  He has adjusted so well in fact that he is being moved to the open cattery so he won't have to be in a cage any longer. 

Shadow is very definitely a lap cat.  He is comfortable with all people.  And he loves to be brushed ... which is a good thing considering how important that is to keeping him presentable and comfortable.