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Pickles has been adopted!

After 20 years of rescue, we thought we'd seen it all. But apparently not. Pickles came to us after being discovered with a large plastic jug stuck on her head. Someone had poked breathing holes in the bottom of the jug before forcing her head into it. She was being starved to death. By the time she was discovered she could barely stand. This photo was taken a few hours after she received food and fluids. Of course the kind people who found her were unable to hold on to her ... or to provide the special diet she will need to help her be able to process food again, so she is staying with us at the Adoption Center. Our veterinarian will see her in the morning and a plan will have to be made to find a suitable place for her to recover. A foster home would be a great advantage for this mistreated dog. She is extremely weak and can walk for only a very short distance. She wants only to curl up on a soft blanket and sleep.


Update on Pickles ... 

Pickles has been sent to a foster home where she has been receiving round the clock care.  She has progressed amazingly well and is up and moving a bit now.