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Bear & Luigi



Bear & Luigi have been adopted ... and they got to stay together!

Bear & Luigi have always been together.  They are 5 year old brothers who ended up at the pound.  Their owner was called but  never came to pick them up.   These boys are inseparable.   Bear is the darker of the two.  He is the secure, confindent one.  Luigi waits for Bear to check things out ... then he follows along.  They are housetrained, well-behaved, great on walks together and no trouble at all ... unless they are separated.  Then they will both escape from any enclosure to get back to each other.  They are family ... and very likely the only family they've ever really had.  We would like to keep them together so they are availble as a two-for-one special.  

Both dogs are gentle and affectionate and would do well with children.