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by the SC Secretary of State

Slim Pickins



Slim has been adopted!

Update on Slim Pickins

When he showed up barely able to stand, we really weren't sure he would survive but Slim has made a remarkable recovery.  He is truly a handsome Hound ... strong and happy and ready now to find an indoor home where he can enjoy a good life for the next 10 or 12 years.  


Slim Pickins was found with two Bully mix dogs (Pickin & Grinnin)  on a rural highway.  All three are suffering from severe malnutrition.  They are weak from dehydration and have open, festering sores from head to toe.  We are struggling to rid them of their intestinal parasites and the wall-to-wall fleas and ticks.  Pickin & Grinnin are a little younger and are responding better than Slim.  He is still having trouble holding food.  Slim appears to be about 3 years old.  Like most stray or abandoned hunting dogs, Slim had no idea how to feed himself ... and taking up with two gentle Bulldogs didn't help a bit.

These dogs are current recipients of our Angel's Fund.

We have had so many dreadful cases like this recently that we are struggling to cover  their vet bills.  If you can help, please donate today to our Angels Fund at