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Hammy has been adopted!

Hammy is a 5 month old Boxer mix.  He looked so bad when he first arrived that we couldn't publish his photos.  His mange was so severe that he had only a few hairs on his entire body.  He was covered with open bleeding infected sores.  His wrinkled face was cracked and so sensitive to the touch that he didn't even want to be petted.  His eyes and his ears were infected.  We know Hammy still looks pretty bad, but he has overcome so very much that we felt it was time to show off this remarkable dog and give him a chance to be adopted.  That may be optimistic considering his still ragged looks.  We would actually be delighted if he could just find a foster family.  Poor Hammy is growing up without the advantages of a decent home and people who can spend time with him.  He is after all still a puppy ... and all puppies should know what its like to be loved.