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Peanut has found a home!

Peanut seems like an odd name for this substantial dog.  He is intensly intelligent and listens to every word we say as if it were of the utmost importance.  Apparently he has an unusually high opinion of people in spite of the poor treatment he has had in his short life.  Peanut is only 18 months old.  He is a friendly dog (well, except with cats) and is not at all concerned  with other canines.  Like most Bull Terriers, Peanut is far more interested in human friends.   He especially enjoys romping with children and was gentle enough that his foster mom's 18 mo old toddler was able to feed him treats.  Peanut was even careful with their old Lab.  When everyone was busy he was more than happy to curl up on the sofa and nap. 

Peanut learned to sit on command in a flash.  And he is quite proud of himself when we tell him what a good boy he is.  We hope he will find a home with someone who will take the time to teach him many more commands and give him more opportunity to show off.

We will try to get better photos posted soon.