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Kuro has been adopted!

Kuro was adopted by people who didn't take very good of her. She was put out to fend for herself at just about 4 months old. She was then taken in by another family  but their son developed allergies after a few weeks so she ended up in foster care.

Foster Report:

Kuro (Japanese for black) is a beautiful black kitten with gold eyes and a small white tuft on her chest. Despite her ordeal she is sweet and loving and adores people. She is talkative and purrs all the time. She will chirrup and meow and interact with you. She wants to be around people all the time! She is ok with other cats but too many would overwhelm her. She was attacked while she was out on her own and gets frightened of other cats if there are too many of them. She is attached to her "woobie", a very soft purple blanket that will go to her new home with her. Currently she is in foster care with 6 cats and gets along with everyone but is much more comfortable when she is with just one or two cats. A household with another young cat for her to play with would be ideal. She loves respectful children who will treat her gently. Kuro wants and deserves to have a loving family of her own for the holidays!