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Butter has been adopted!

Thanksgiving brought mixed blessings for Butterball, a 5 month old Lab.  This precious pup was homeless ... trying to find food on the side of the highway.  A car hit him on Thanksgiving morning ... and just kept on going.  The driver behind that car stopped for the injured pup.  They called their vet at her home and asked for an emergency visit.  She found his leg was shattered beyond repair.  The poor pup was suffering so that she stayed to perform an emergency amputation.  Butterball is recovering nicely at St. Andrews Veterinary Clinic.

Butterballl is a resilliant sort ... like most Labs, and is expected to make a full recovery.  He will be a very big dog (80 pounds or more) when he's grown so he will need to a family who will help him stay active and develop strong bones, joints and muscles to support his mass with only three legs.  

We want to thank St. Andrews Animal Clinic.  It is a blessing to have such caring veterinarians ... and we are especially appreciative of the credit they have extended for this expensive surgery and post-operative care. 

Angel's Fund Recipient

If you are able to help with Butterball's veterinary expenses, donations can be made to our Angel's Fund