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by the SC Secretary of State

Lucky Lou



Lucky Lou has been adopted!

Lucky Lou was found on the highway ... dragging her leg and begging for help.  She is an eight month old Shepherd mix with a happy-to-be-alive attitude.  She gets along well with the 13 year old Lab and seems to have establshed a special bond with the cat at her foster home.  She and the cat playfully wrestle, play chase and even play hide & seek.  The cat hides.  Lucky Lou sniffs her out and the fun begins.  They sleep together and even share food. Lucky Lou is housetrained and  has earned free run of the house. She snuggles with the kids at night .  All in all, We consider her an ideal family companion.

We hoped we could save her leg but that has not worked out.  The veterinariaian determined that the neurological damage is too severe and that she would have to drag the leg for the rest of her life.  She is now recovering from the amputation at her foster home.  They are helping her with the adjustment but they cannot keep her.  

We will try to get a better photo soon.


Angel's Fund Recipient

If you are able to help with Lucky Lou's veterinary expenses, donations can be made to our Angel's Fund.