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by the SC Secretary of State

Veda & Millie



Veda & Millie have been adopted!

Veda & Millie are lucky to be alive.  They lived a miserable existance with a puppy mill breeder and were then dumped at a pound.  They are mother & daughter with Veda being the mom (about 5 years old) and Millie being the daughter (about 3-4 years old).  Both have had many litters of pups but very little interaction with humans.  They want desperately to be loved and are nervous and clingy, following their foster mom's every step.  They cry if they think she is leaving them. 

Veda & Millie have been bathed, their ears cleared of mites and gunk and their nails, which had grown into circles have been clipped, enabling them to walk normally again.   They both have dry skin and their coats have several thin patches but they are defiinitely on their way to being strong healthy dogs ... probably for the first time in their lives.  

We would like to keep these girls together.