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Harley has been adopted!

Harley just showed up one day in a fenced back yard.  The homeowners were stunned.  They took her to a vet who scanned her for a chip and were able to identify her owners ...  but when they were notified that Harley had been found they said they didn't want her anymore.  They said "That's why we threw her out."   So Harley has now been spayed, vaccinated and put on an improved diet.  She is in foster care with three other dogs but one of them isn't wild about her ... or visa versa.  Either way, its a problem.  Her foster family has discovered that she is a bit insecure.  Obviously not accustomed to being indoors, she is afraid  to pass through some of the doors in the house.  She sometimes gets nervous during her exercise walks and will suddenly walk between their legs.  But when things are quiet and predictable, she is cuddly and affectionate.  She has already learned to sit, shake, drop it and leave it.  Harley is thrilled with tennis balls (probably never had toys before) but she hasn't caught on to the fetch thing yet so she just chews on them and bounces them. 

Harley is 7 months old and mostly German Shepherd.