Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Sweet Pea



Sweet Pea has been adopted!

Sweet Pea was put out in a neighborhood ... probably in hopes that someone would take her in.  Instead she came very close to becoming a statistic at the pound.  Sweet Pea is a three year old Lab/Bully mix with a love for all people and apparently for all cats too.  She is housetrained, very obedient (only needs a firm "no" one time to know what not to do) and a natural nanny dog for kids and kittens.  She is happy to snooze in her bed most of the day and will watch TV if it's left on for her.  She doesn't bark often but when she does, it is a controlled, muffled bark that seems to be just enough to announce a concern.  A softly spoken assurance that all is okay is all it takes to quiet her. 

Sweet Pea is totally trustworthy in the house ... unless food is left unattended on a low table.  And she would never pull on a leash ... unless a squirrel appears.  Then all bets are off.