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Eggnog has been adopted!

Eggnog was aptly described to us as "sooo stinking cute!"   He is a stray or perhaps an abandoned little 1 year old Poodle mix.  Eggnog was stinky-filthy, hungry but most of all heartbreakingly lonely.  He's been cleaned up as much as we dare and is being sent to a professional groomer to shave his matted coat . 

We understand that humans have a low tolerance for animals who misbehave or somehow don't live up to their unrealistic expectations, but it is really hard to believe that anyone would intentionally put out a precious, well-behaved little guy like Eggnog. 

Eggnog seems to be fully housetrained and, now that he is feeling better, he is chasing balls and bouncing around like a happy little bunny.  We think he would be a great companion for anyone with a playful nature.