Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Nancy's Mark



Nancy's Mark has been adopted!

Nancy's Mark has never had a family.  He grew up in a shelter and went unnoticed until he was nearly grown.  Then his angel appeared and recognized what an outstanding dog he could be.  She pulled him from the shelter and sent him to a full-time, live-in training camp at the Grey Oak Kennels where he has learned perfect manners and a list of commands.  Mark has excelled at every turn.  His trainers gave him a 4.0 in obedience classes.  

Mark is an active, athletic dog and will need someone who enjoys outdoor sports and will give him an opportunity for daily exercise so he can stay in  tip-top shape.    He loves to retrieve and actually has a favorite ball that he tries to take everywhere he goes.   He seems to know that this is "his" ball and that means a lot to a dog that never had anything or anyone.  Even so, he is willing to share it with anyone who wants to play.