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by the SC Secretary of State




Bentley has been adopted!

Bentley is not quite a year old.  He belonged to a young woman who went off to college and left him in the care of her mom.  But Bently is just too much dog for her to handle.  He is very large ... tall and muscular, and needs lots of execise.   Bentley's suspected parents are an American Bulldog and a Pointer but he really looks more like a Great Dane mix.  He is not adjusting well to being a "kennel dog."   Bentley is depressed and barely gets off of his cot.  He only comes to life when he goes for walks or gets to play in our doggie park with a volunteer.  It was nearly impossible to get a photo of Bentley because he whined and buried his face in the photographer's arms begging to be hugged. 

Bentley is housetrained and accustomed to being an active member of the family.  Isolation in a stark kennel is very hard  for him.

Special Notes