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by the SC Secretary of State




Enaj has been adopted!

Enaj is a 3 year old Bully/Lab mix.  She had ovbiously been nursing puppies shortly before she was rescued from the highway, but no pups were found.   She has a special bond with Jiggy, a small Jack Russell Terrier mix who was traveling with her.  We have no idea if they grew up together or just became friends on the road.  But whatever the case, their relationship is notable. 

Enaj is a gentle, affectionate dog with eveyrone she meets.  We believe she would be an ideal companion for even very small children.  She is definitely housetrained, not at all destructive, and satisfied just to be in the room with someone.  She is sensitive to humans'  emotions.  When a young boy cried at our Center, Enaj went to him and laid at  his feet.  

Enaj and Jiggy can be adopted separately but if they go together we will reduce their adoption fees significantly to make it affordable.