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Ivory has been adopted!


Update on Ivory

Surgery went well.  We won't know for a couple of weeks if this will be successful or if her leg will have to be amputated.  Meanwhile this sweet, gentle-natured dog continues to show only appreciation for all of the people who have reached out to help her  


Ivory came to us with four gun shot wounds. She is only 8 months old. She had been registered for adoption in our program and was living with the people who found her (because we had no room for her). Apparently she left their yard and returned in this condition.   X-rays indicate that one of the bullets is lodged in the elbow of her front leg.  The damage to both bones at the joint make the likelihood of a successful surgery very slim.  Even surgical specialists would not likely be able to restore the joint.   Our veterinarians have decided her best option is to remove the bullets, treat her for the infection and splint the leg in hopes that it will heal well enough that she can use it as a crutch. Both vets have expressed their concern that the elbow may not heal  and her leg will eventually have to be amputated.   

Ivory is a gentle and loving Hound/Beagle mix  She seems to understand that we are trying to help her and she thanks us the only way she can ... with a nudge and a kiss whenever we sit with her.   We worry that her misfortune will prevent her from being adopted.   And that is the saddest part of her story.

By the way, Ivory has two siblings that are still at the foster home where they have no fencing and where they are at risk of injury too.   We are anxious to bring in for adoption but cannot take custody until space is available.