Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Astrid has been adopted!

Astrid is a very pretty  young Shepherd mix with a lush, thick fur coat.  She is incredibly intelligent.  When she first arrived at her foster home she was stressed and nervous and had a few bad habits.  She was banned from the kitchen because she raided the trash can.  With no door between the kitchen and the dining room, they really didn't expect the ban to hold, but Astrid sat at the line between the rooms and with just the slightest correction when she would creep toward the kitchen, Astrid would back up and lie down again (very cute).  

Astrid has plenty of energy and great agility.  She needs a large yard with a high fence (she can sail right over a 3 ft fence).  Being mostly Shepherd she is personable and friendly but still a great guard dog.  When strangers approach she barks and emits a low growl but she never confuses her family with strangers and she responds well when assured that it's okay for the visitors to be there.    

Astrid would probably do well as an only pet or with younger or smaller dogs.  She wants to be the top dog and while she has never actually started a fight, she has postured and pushed her weight around with the foster families older dogs.  

Special Notes