Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Lizzy Love



Lizzy Love has been adopted!

Lizzy Love is a lanky 1 year old Lab mix.  She came to us as a teenager ...  another unwanted black dog with her littermates.  She never had a family.  A few months ago we  sent her off to a foster family where she has learned basic sociall skills.  She is now housetrained, and they report that she is exceptionally well behaved in the house.  They say she is loyal and dedicated to the family and so very smart that," given a little attention, Lizzy can learn anything"  She is curious, charming and very funny.

Lizzy loves being with other dogs and  is always ready to play.  She has a keen sense of her surroundings and will bark when strangers come into the yard. 

While Lizzy still looks like a plain black dog, her appearance just disguises her amazing personality. Lizzy loves life and she helps the people around her love their lives a little more.