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Triumph has been adopted!

Triumph is only 7 weeks old and already severely injured.  He was likely thrown from a moving vehicle or dropped from a high place.  His back legs are broken and he may have spinal damage.  We have seen this kind of injury before.  We know that puppies can challenge our tempers at times but there is really no excuse for inflicting this kind of harm on a puppy who simply doesn't understand what is expected of him. 

Our veterinarian is hopeful that he can repair most of the damage but it will require a great deal of time and expense.  The people who found Triumph have donated what they can afford and are willing to house him and nurture him through his rehabilitation.  We must now raise an additional $400 to pay for his x-rays and corrective surgery.   And then find a gentle family who will provide the kind of home he deserves.

If you are able to help with Triumphs surgery expenses please make your donation today through our "Angel's Fund"