Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Presley is almost a year old but she is still very much a teenager at heart.  Her family had good intentions when the got her as a puppy but they were busy and she got bigger and more active so they put her in the backyard.  Being busy people, they didn't spend time outside with her so there she was ... alone and bored.  She learned she could escape her isolation by digging out.  Now she is pretty much grown and has had no training or help with even basic social skills.  So no one wants her.  Dogs like Presley are routinely dropped at the pounds where they are destroyed (at taxpayer expense) just because they grew up and are not wobbly sleepy puppies anymore.  Presley escaped that fate but she is now a "hard to place" dog in need of people who will spend a great deal of time helping her feel like a part of the family.

For the time being, volunteers and staff are walking Presley several times a day and she is getting playtime with other dogs.  It's not much, but she is showing progress.