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by the SC Secretary of State




Simon is a beautiful, very large (85 lbs) and energetic 4 1/2-year old Labradoodle who was adopted from Pets, Inc. as a puppy by an older couple. One of his owners recently passed away, and now the other can no longer care for him. Simon is house trained, likes to play with toys and loves to snuggle. He is not always friendly to other dogs though, so he needs a home where he will be the only dog. Simon also is looking for a home where he will be kept indoors most of the time and will receive lots of attention--preferably where someone is around most of the day. 

Simon has been a loving and devoted companion and has received much attention and affection in return.   Being a Labradoodle, we are in hopes that he will find another exceptional home but this time, he would do well with a bit of basic obedience training so he can learn to walk on a leash nicely and perhaps have more adventure in his new life.