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Jilly has been adopted!

Jilly was a starving, frightened little dog when she arrived at PETS, Inc.   She was so pitiful we knew she had no chance of being adopted so she was sent to a foster home for some TLC and a healthy diet.  She adjusted in just a few day.  Jilly  has surprised us all with her excellent manners and her great social skills.   She loves being with the other dogs in the house.  They seem to give her confidence.  She doens't know how to play with toys but she has learned to walk on a leash.   Jilly is a low-energy dog that is happiest when she can be snuggled up on the sofa with someone who knows how to relax and maybe even take a long nap.  Her foster family tells us she is delighted by soft surfaces and belly rubs ... and bacon bits.  Things that distress Jilly are sudden movements, too much rough-housing ... and not being given bacon bits.