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by the SC Secretary of State

Zsa Zsa-Dolly



Zsa Zsa-Dolly has been adopted!

Zsa Zsa-Dolly is really just Zsa Zsa but her friends call her Dolly.  She is a ten year old,  20 pound Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix but she has more energy and stamina than the average 5 year old.   She appears to be a healthy little dog, and while she is happy to be hanging out on the sofa, she is always ready to join in the playtime fun.  Mostly what Dolly wants is to be with people, sharing the experience ... whatever it is.  She is always well-behaved so taking her along is easy.   

Zsa Zsa - Dolly gets along very with with other dogs.  Her only problem has been her inability to win over the landlord.  He wants her gone.