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Trooper has been adopted!

Trooper's life got off to a really bad start.  He came to us as a three month old pup nearly dead from malnutrition, rickets and mange.  He had obviously been mistreated emotionally as well.  He was so pitiful that he was adopted the first day by a soft-hearted woman who felt that he might never have a chance if she didn't take him.  It took months but she managed to restore his good health.  She was not able to work out all of his fears and insecurities. We have started him on a slow-acting therapy of Bach Flower Remedies and he is showing a bit of improvement but now that she has a small child coming to live in the house she knows Trooper must find a less intimidating atmosphere to finish his rehabilitation.  Trooper is housetrained and is a loving companion with the immediate family.  He is great with their other dog ... but fightened of dogs he meets on walks.

It may be another six months before Trooper can completely overcome his many fear issues with visitors and unfamiliar animals.