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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Daisy Darling



Daisy Darling has been adopted!

Something went teribly wrong for Daisy Darling.  She is only 10 months old but she has no signs of playfulness or trust or even an interest in being wiith people.  She is a trembling mass of dispair.  Just the sound of a man's voice on the other side of the door sends her into a state of fear so great that she stiffens and shakes and cannot even eat her dinner. 

When he left her with us, Daisy's owner said she is housetrained and does well with other animals (dogs & cats).  He explained that she has been nervous since he adopted her at only 8 weeks old.  He has no idea why she is so frightened and insecure.  

It took nearly an hour of coaxing for her to relax enough to eat a good meal.  She is actually sititng with a couple of our female staff members (under a desk) now but we expect it will take days before any of the men will be able to approach her without upsetting her. 

Daisy is only 10 months old.  She should be bouncy and playful and feeling all of the wonders of youth and vigor.  We are looking for a family who will help her find that magic.