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Beauregard has been adopted!

Young Beaugregard is about 9 months old.  He was found trying to make it on his own in a nice neigbhorhood where he managed to charm his way into a foster home.  He is now playing with the family's other dogs and trying to make friends with their cats ... but the cats are not having it.  Beau is leaning to sit, stay and walk on a leash without pulling.  He plays ball and will fetch but when the games are over he brings sticks to the door and leaves them in a pile and, given a chance, he gathers unattended stuffed animals and creates a tidy mound.  Apparently Beau likes for everything to be in proper order. 

Beauregard will be a great family dog but only for someone who wants a dog who is involved in their daily routines.  He will want to tag along and be a part of everything.