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Chase Rewards



Chase has been adopted!

Chase  was a good puppy ... and then a great dog.  He was a faithful friend to his adopters and when the baby came along he was loving and loyal to him too even when he was an active toddler.  Chase shared his family with a cute little Yorkie.  All seemed just fine for five years.  But now  the family is expecting twins so they are reducing their expenses.  They have decided to keep the Yorkie but Chase didn't make the cut.   He was devastated when his owner left him in our intake room.  It was evident he had been treated with great affection and now he is lost. 

Chase is housetrained and very gentle with children and other dogs. His skin isn't looking so good these days but we've put him on an improved diet so he will have a healthy coat again in just a few months ... once we get him eating again.