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Tank has been adopted!

Tank is a 6 month old Great Dane mix who spent most of his puppy days and nights in a crate.  Having been confined so much, he was absolutely a wild boy whenever she let him out for exercise.  Tank is far too much of a powerhouse for her to handle so he was brought to us.   Tank was sent  to a foster home for his crate-rehab where he was free to interact with the people and other dogs 24 hours a day.  It took only days for this good dog to get in the groove and behave like a housedog.  He is now fully housetrained but Tank is still a chewer (stuffed animals don't stand a chance) and he will chase cats ... but he's too clumsy to catch them.  When they stop running he stops the chase.  We have great hopes that he will outgrow this juvenile behavior too.  

Tank will play endlessly with other dogs ... large or small ... and he regulates his rowdieness to the size of the other dog.  Leashes are still foreign to Tank.  He likes to tug and chew on them as he walks. His foster mom says "He can drive me crazy with this wild ways and crack me up all at the same time.  He's a fabulous dog!"


Please note:

The $100 Bully Disount Does NOT Apply to Tank

... at the request of his foster family